Sarah Belle Miles, President & Founder of The Peach Coven

The Peach Coven, founded 3/14/16, is an Atlanta based prejudice free organization, that supplies to all monthly bleeders no matter the gender, orientation, race or religious views of the individual. Most shelters don't have budgets for period products. Pads & tampons are some of the least donated items. Because of this many homeless individuals with periods must go without these essential tools for their health and hygiene. Every month menstruation becomes something beyond discomfort, but a time of misery. Our intention is to change that. With the support of local businesses, artists, venues, and the generosity of folks near and far we are able to regularly donate period products to shelters and centers, as well as conduct street outreach in the Atlanta area. Our mission is to provide dignity for individuals experiencing severe poverty or those of underserved communities. We're committed to creating a local network of loving, intersectional folk who want to stand up and help those who need it most. Join us.

If you'd like to learn more about our work please message us on the contact page.

Coven Directors Sarah Belle, Ceylan, Whitney, and Kristen.