A LITTLE HOW TO | Kit Assembly

We have two types of kits we assemble

  1. PERIOD KITS: 15 pads, 15 tampons, 20 pantyliners, and one pack of baby wipes (20 wipes/pack) in a reusable bag. These kits are specifically for homeless individuals with periods and are more often donated directly to shelters or centers.
  2. HYGIENE KITS: 1 deodorant, 1 toothbrush with toothpaste, 1 floss, 1 bar of soap or bottle of body wash, 1 pack of baby or sanitary wipes, 1 bottle of lotion, pocket tissues, 3 pairs of new socks, and 1 bottle of water in a reusable bag. These kits are used exclusively for our street distribution. During our street distribution we will give a kit to every homeless individual we meet and carry period products on hand for anyone who needs them.

STEP ONE: Collecting the items

When collecting items to put into our PERIOD KITS, more often we receive in-kind donations of everything we need for the kits with the exception of baby wipes. We almost always buy packs of baby wipes after our menstrual hygiene drives with the monetary donations we collected that night.

When collecting items to put into our HYGIENE KITS, it's rare we receive even close to everything we need for a minimum of 20 kits. That's when those monetary donations come back in. We'll scout for stores with the best deals on hygiene products and usually clean out their travel sections. If you ever see a cart full of baby wipes, travel lotion, socks, and toothbrushes at Target it's probably one of our crew!

STEP TWO: Selecting the right reusable bags

Tote bags, reusable grocery bags, gently used purses, backpacks, almost any kind of reusable bag works for a kit. When selecting our bags we look for ones within our budget, which is roughly $.60a bag wholesale, amounting to about $30 before tax for 50 bags. We search online, but most often buy our bags through Amazon. The only major requirements for a reusable bag is durability (the bag can't be so cheap it falls apart) and the bags must be clean, specifically if they are used. 

STEP THREE: Assembling the kits

During kit assembly it's essential to have a clean, organized work space. Products should never be placed directly on the floor, and it's good to keep hand sanitizer near by. The quality of the kits is important. Our mission is to provide dignity, therefore kits should be clean and products should be in top condition. it's very helpful to assemble kits one product at a time. If you're assembling 40 period kits- start with baby wipes, then pads, tampons, etc. and pantiliners should be individually wrapped or in ziplock bags.

There you have it!

If you have any further questions on kit assembly, feel free to send us a message on our contact page! If you're interested in hosting a donations drive please read our 4-step article on how to DIY Drive, and check out our FQ&A section regarding language requirements.